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Pei Li Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd.http://www.peili.com.tw/
medicine & health supplement- hormone drug, hormone drugs, pharmaceutical manufacture, pharmaceutical manufactures, anti diabetic agents, antiepileptics, antihistamine... 
chemicals products (1) highlights- flame retardant, plastic injection articles, spin finishes, antimicrobial agent, hygroscopic agent, insect repellent, micro encapsul... 
chemical manufacturer, chemical supply ( supplies )- sodium xylene sulfonate, toluene sulfonic acid, acid para sulfonic toluene, sodium cumene sulfonate, xylene sulfon... 
Hung Hwei Trading Companyhttp://welling-ton.com.tw
household cleaning product- liquid detergent, purpose cleaners, detergent powder, soaps, liquid laundry detergent, clothes fabric softeners, degreaser, liquid stain re... 
Chun I Gravure Co., Ltd.http://www.cig.com.tw/
packaging materials- multi-layer packaging films and bags (for candies,biscuits,snacks,cakes,ice products), vacuum packaging and pouches (for processed fish and meats,... 
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