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electrical appliances & clocks- alarm & insertion clock movements, non-alarm clock movements. 
(1) scales. (2) health cares: digital blood pressure monitors, clinical digital thermometers. (3) clock: wall clocks, wall clocks with LCD day/ date calendar. (4) cloc... 
home, office supply (supplies), various clocks, timepieces & gifts- atomic wall clocks, pendulum clocks, wooden clocks, grandfather clock, radio control clocks, alarm ... 
electric clock, electric clocks, watches, clocks, timers, watch movements, clock movements, gift watches, promotional watches, advertisement watches, electronic products. 
Taitien Electronics Co., Ltd.http://www.crystal-manufacturer.com/
electronic ( electric, electrical) parts and components- (1) quartz crystals- SMD and leaded quartz crystals, tuning fork crystals, watch crystals. (2) crystal oscilla... 
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