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Kai Lien Enterprise Co., Ltd.http://www.kailien.com/
OEM & ODM plastic products & relative tooling mold, industrial machine & construction plastic parts & accessories, PVC pipes, silk wired reinforce hoses, plastic extru... 
Jin Ding Co., Ltd.http://www.jinding-pipe.com/
plastic products supply ( supplies)- HDPE pipe fittings, HDPE pipe fitting, ABS pipe fitting, PE pipe fitting, PVC pipe fitting. 
Eminentpoly Industries, Inc.http://www.eminentpoly.com/
extrusion plastics–(1) hose- soaker hoses, soaker hose, flat, garden, soaker garden, garden seeper, seep, PVC, PVC garden, PVC braided, PVC air, EVA recoil, PU recoil,... 
Garland Metals Industry Co., Ltd.http://www.garland-metals.com/
We specialize in manufacturing various kinds of builder ( building) hardware- (1) metal tubings- flexible tubings, inter lock shower tubes, armored cord assembly ( ass... 
Chun Tai Machinery Co. http://www.plastic-recycling-machine.com/
We provide a variety of machinery equipments, such as plastic recycling machines, dual degas recyclings, plastic sheet machines, vacuum formed thin sheet making machin... 
Yueng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.b2bballvalves.com/
industrial ( industry) hardware products supply ( supplies)- valve, valves, ball valves, ball valve, stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel ball valve, flanged b... 
Yi Kang Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.yi-kang.com.tw/
industrial valve manufactory & supplies- ball valve, two & three & four ( 2, 3, 4) way ball valves, T, V, L, X and special port stainless steel ball valves, handle bal... 
Astic International Corp.http://www.astic-valve.com/
specialiized design & manufacturing of all kinds of valves- valve, ball valve, ball valves, stainless steel ball valve, industrial ball valves, flanged ball valves, st... 
Shako Co., Ltd.http://www.shako.com.tw/
industrial ( industry) pneumatics products- (1) solenoid valve, solenoid valves, FRL equipments & combinations, filter regulator assembly, air filter regulator, FRL un... 
Haitima Corporationhttp://www.haitima.com.tw/
(1) valves- ball valve, ball valves, industrial stainless steel ball valves, 1, 2 and 3 pcs ball valves, one piece & two piece & three piece ball valves, carbon steel ... 
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