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Kenteh Optical Co., Ltd.http://www.optical-lens-manufacturer.com
optical & photography components- magnifiers, optical filter, color & optical filters, optical lenses, convergent lenses, spotlight & diverging lens, optical glass & b... 
Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd.http://www.yiyisyn.com.tw/
top-quality electronic components & parts- flexible PCB, flexible PCBs, EL panel, flexible printed ( printing) circuits ( FPC), membrane switch, membrane keyboards, me... 
electronic components & parts- flexible printed circuit, flexible printing circuits ( FPC), electroluminescent display, heat seal connectors, electrical connectors, LC... 
E-Tay Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.magnifier.com.tw/
gifts ( giftware, giveaway, promotional, premium item, novelty) products & business promotional items- fresnel lens, fresnel len, magnifying glasses, magnifying glass,... 
magnifying glasses, fresnel lens, telescopes, microscopes, infrared lenses. 
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