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Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporationhttp://www.acelon.com.tw/
1. Main product : Nylon 6 filament yarn, nylon 66 filament yarn, and nylon/ polyester conjugate micro filament yarn in type of flat yarn (HOY and FDY), POY, DTY (draw ... 
Springdex Enterprise Co., Ltd.http://www.esock.com.tw/
clothing & fashion accessory ( accessories)- hosiery, socks, sock, health hosiery, health care products, shoes insoles, healthy care sock, bamboo charcoal sock, anti m... 
Tsung Hau Technology Co., Ltd.http://www.healthycaresupply.com.tw/web_e/html/01_about/01.asp
cosmetic, beauty & health care, personal care products, footwear accessories ( accessory) supplies ( supply)- gels, gel socks, gel pads, gel masks, gel gloves, healthy... 
Sun Long Co., Ltd.http://www.sunlongtw.com/
We manufacture and distribute a complete line of high performance textile products, conveyor belt - webbings, bands, polypropylene webbing & egg conveyor belt, polyest... 
Deluxe Hosiery Mills Co., Ltd.http://www.manufacturers.com.tw/showroom-7344-3-1-0-0.php
clothing & fashion accessory ( accessories), hosiery- socks, soccer socks, toe socks, men ( man) & lady ( ladies, women, woman) socks, kid ( child, children, baby, bab... 
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