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Chao Chia Gear Industry Co., Ltd.http://www.chaochia.com.tw/
providing all type of gear & shaft products- gear shafts, gear shaft, motor gear shaft, worm shaft, electrical & pneumatic tools gears, gearsbox, reduction gears, redu... 
Ming Shun Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.mingshun.com.tw/
automobile ( automotive, vehicle, cars, autos) engines parts & components- piston pins, piston pin, crank pins, wrist pins, connecting rod pins. 
Everphone Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.everphone.com.tw/
auto parts ( automotive, automobile, vehicle aftermarket oem custom car parts, spare parts ), high performance auto part- engine valves, engine valve, valve guide, val... 
Rainbow Ming Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.ppm.com.tw/
Established in 1975, Rainbow Ming has been one of top powder metallurgy manufacturers in the market. We provide extensive range of powder metallurgy parts including po... 
Ehrung Industrial Co., Ltd.http://www.eico.com.tw/
Ehrung Industrial Co, Ltd. was established in Taipei with the departments of lifting equipment and stamping die. We provide (1) molds- stamping die, meta stamping dies... 
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