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Opportunities for online marketers to reach workers

Dec. 6, 2007

According to Burst Media's Online Insights market research, about 27.4 percent of at-work Internet surfing is completely unrelated to specific job duties. Burst Media sees this personal Internet usage as a great opportunity for online marketers and eTailers to reach many workers.

Overall, approximately 54.1 percent of respondents shopped online for personal items while on the job, and using their employer's computers.

Burst Media's market survey reveals that making an online purchase was the most common personal shopping activity conducted at work, followed by researching product features and comparing retailers, using search engines such as Google and others.

Judging by last year's data from Nielsen//NetRatings, some workers may be conducting some of the busiest online holiday shopping days of the whole year.

Nielsen also found that overall daily traffic to retail sites was heaviest between Monday and Friday, when compared to lower traffic on weekends.

One explanation given for this behavior would be that weekends are spent with family and friends, whereas online shopping is mostly a solitary activity.

Jeff Grau, senior analyst at eMarketer said "eCommerce shopping frequently takes place at work, during lunchtime, and in the evening at home."

Grau added that "consumers use their weekend visits to the shopping mall to get gift ideas, but return to their PCs at the beginning of the work week to search the Internet for better prices."

Source: eMarketer

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